~Refinished godspeed steering knuckles!~

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     Got the knuckles for my s13 a while ago, never ran them because they are for s14 lca and hubs. Original      product manufacturer is godspeed.

Note: For s13 240sx customer must be use with a s14 240sx wheel hub and S14 Lower control arm Ball Joint


GSP massive angle kit is a direct fit kit without modification to your stock oem knuckle piece. This massive angle kit is ONE PIECE MADE kit , unlike most kits out there that are cut and weld with the oem steering knuckle. This is made by oem manufacturer with oem quality material. GSP massive angel kit will give you more extreme angle on your S13/S14/S15 without modifying the front lower control arm. The Massive angle steering kit will stop at exactly 56 degree , if you modify the lower control arm bump stop this angle kit will give you additional 5 to 10 more degree (depending on how you modified your bump stop)

OEM GSP Angle kit
Leading wheel 38 degree 56 degree
Trailing wheel 30 degree 46 degree
Turning circle (Curb-to-curb) 30 feet 24 feet
Lock-to-lock 3 turns 2.6 turns

Fit: NISSAN 89-02 180/240SX (S13/S14/S15)



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